Marjory Michaud with Rep. Bruce Ayers and Greater Boston President Ed McGonagle

Cluster Award Winner

Greater Boston is proud to announce that one of our Home Health Aides was recently honored by South Shore Elder Services for her excellent work with her clients. In a ceremony attended by many, including Rep. Bruce Ayers and Greater Boston President Edward McGonagle, Marjory’s hard work and dedication to her clients was recognized and celebrated. We are proud to share the write-up for Marjory that was read at the ceremony.

Greater Boston Home Health Care Services would like to nominate our employee Marjory for this year’s cluster award. Marjory is a very dedicated and hardworking aide who always goes above and beyond for all of her clients on a daily basis. She always shows them compassion and care like they were her own family.

Marjory had one client in particular this year that shows just how deep her concern and care for her clients runs. This elder has been with Marjory for several years for homemaking services. Marjory is aware that this elder has diabetes and consequently, always makes sure that the client has access to certain foods in his apartment in case his sugar were to drop suddenly when she is not there. On this particular day the client had called Marjory asking her to pick something up for him at the store. Marjory noticed that he didn’t sound very good and decided she wanted to go check on him even though it was earlier than scheduled. When she arrived at the elder’s apartment he did not answer but the client’s neighbor told Marjory she thought he went out. Marjory knew that this didn’t sound right. She found that the client had left his door unlocked and when she entered she found him in diabetic shock. She immediately called 911 and went to the fridge to get him orange juice to give to him through a straw. She was able to give him a few drops of juice at a time in his mouth to give him some sugar while she waited for the ambulance to arrive. After they arrived and cared for the client, the EMT’s told Marjory that if she hadn’t come to check on the elder he could have died.

The client ended up being transferred to the hospital but was able to come home a few days later. Marjory is an example of an aide that every family wishes they could have for their loved ones. We at Greater Boston are so happy and proud to have Marjory working with our company and providing such wonderful care to all her clients.