Aide Honored at Home Care Aide Celebration

Ed with Kiara at Home Care Aide Celebrtion

Home Health Aide Honored

Greater Boston is proud to announce that our Home Health Aide Kiara was honored at the 46th Annual Home Care Aide Celebration sponsored by the Home Care Aide Council. We are proud to share the nomination write-up below.

Greater Boston Home Health Care Services, Inc. is proud to nominate Kiara for the Effie Chalmers Waddell Homemaker/Personal Home Care Homemaker award.  Kiara has worked for our company for more than four years and has proved to be an invaluable member of our team. In her years with Greater Boston Kiara has proved to be loved by all her clients, Caring, reliable, dependable and always willing to take on difficult challenges. We at Greater Boston are proud to nominate her for the 2016 Effie Chalmers Waddell award.

Kiara has consistently proved to be dedicated to her clients. She is dependable and is rarely out sick. Her dedication to not missing work even extends to a time in which she woke up to discover someone hit her car overnight. Putting her own needs and priorities aside, Kiara still managed to go to work, knowing that her clients were depending on her. Her care and concern for her client’s well-being is always at the forefront of her mind. She is always quick to report concerns to the office or put in extra hours with a client to make sure they have enough groceries before that next big snow storm.

Kiara’s work doesn’t just end at ensuring her clients can stay healthy, happy and safe in their own homes. Kiara is always willing to take on challenging clients and does so without hesitation. Kiara’s professionalism and personable, calm and friendly personality has enabled her to work with difficult clients and establish good working relationships with them.

Kiara is an important and valued member of the team at Greater Boston. She has been an exceptional employee since August 2012. She is an exceptional example of dedication and commitment to elders. Her dedication to her clients has truly made a difference in their lives. Greater Boston is proud to nominate Kiara for the 2016 Effie Chalmers Award.


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