We choose the right caregiver for your in home health care needs.

Our Caregivers

The Right Match

You deserve a caregiver that understands your loved one’s needs and preferences. Someone who knows what foods to buy. How meals should be cooked. How their laundry should be done. How their bath should be prepared. Over time, your loved one should be comfortable sharing their needs, communicating their preferences, and sharing what activities make them happy.

With more than 25 years in the home health care field, Greater Boston Home Health Care Services, Inc., Inc. realizes how important it is match your loved one with an aide best suited to their needs. Once the intake is completed, our experienced coordinators will schedule an aide that best suites the needs and schedule of the client.

We do everything possible to minimize the stress you or a loved one may experience in having someone new come into the home. Based on our initial conversations with your family and the person who will receive care, we will recommend a caregiver who we feel can best serve his/her needs. During a trial period, we constantly check in with you to make sure the relationship is on track. If it is not, we will provide a different caregiver.

About Our Caregivers

Bringing someone new in one’s home can be an unsettling experience. We know it’s critical that our clients have confidence in our multi-skilled, cross-trained caregivers, which is why our screening, hiring, employment and training policies and practices are consistent, rigorous and thorough.


All prospective employees of Greater Boston Home Health Care Services, Inc. must provide at least two positive references. All candidates are screened using the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) system and interviewed by the agency’s management. They are subject to a review of both the CNA Nurse Aide Registry and the Office of Inspector General’s (OIG)  list of excluded individuals/entities. Candidates must have successfully completed training or education programs or possess relevant experience that qualifies them for the position they seek. Candidates must pass all state and federal eligibility requirements. Prior to beginning work with Greater Boston Home Health Care Services, Inc., all employees receive a thorough orientation by the agency’s management team.


All employees of Greater Boston Home Health Care Services, Inc. must complete a training program, education and certification. We encourage candidates who have successful prior experience relevant to their field and position to apply. To maintain their certification and continually expand their knowledge about current topics in the home health care field, all employees participate in mandatory in-service trainings throughout the year.


Reinforcing our commitment to quality, our agency’s supervisors continually provide feedback to employees and conduct regular evaluations of their performance.

Greater Boston Home Health Care Services, Inc. employs Registered Nurse (RN) supervisors who provide ongoing field supervision for our direct caregivers. Each RN brings a strong background and years of experience in health care. They are familiar with the needs of each client and their family, which helps them assess the performance of the nurses, home health aides and homemakers who serve each client in their home.

Our field supervisors make quarterly visits to our clients’ homes to assess the quality of services being provided. They provide quarterly and annual evaluations of our home caregivers to management. Adding to the evaluation, our agency’s management team independently conducts phone surveys on a regular basis to gather client feedback.

Greater Boston completes annual job performance evaluations for all home care employees. Drawing from our RN supervisors’ assessments, our customer surveys and observations, we assess the skills of the home care employee, and how well they serve clients and their adherence to our policies and procedures. We recognize the strengths of high-performing employees and we address and correct any problems. Our goal is to help all employees provide a high level of quality, caring services.

Speak with a Care Coordinator

You can easily set up services with us by calling one of our offices to speak with a Care Coordinator (781) 762-2929. Normal office hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. After normal office hours a coordinator is always on-call, 24 hours a day, and can be reached at (888) 762-2929.

(888) 762-2929
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